Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pollen Nation

This one is for the Rustle of Spring challenge at Three Muses. Down here in Northwest Florida, we have our own signs of Spring. This is the part of Florida that gets a dusting of snow every ten years, and half the trees are deciduous, so we do get a winterish season of sorts. I didn't think showing the live oak trees shedding their leaves for two weeks would express Spring to everyone, and I wasn't sure pictures of Carolina Jasmine would mean much to a lot of folks either. Spring bulbs are universal, and the only ones we can grow here are daffodils. The one thing I think everyone understands about springtime is pollen. If you don't get allergies, you know someone who does. (I don't get allergies, but I know someone who does).

Click image to enlarge.
The "pollen" was created from a plastic spikey zen-ball that I have. It's designed to roll your foot over for a soothing massage. When I looked at it, I was reminded of those microscopic pictures I'd seen of pollen. I only got one daffodil blooming this year--probably because of the recent hot summers and mild winters. I managed to make it look like three.


  1. hatsjoeee, but the pollen are gorgeous!

  2. Wonderfully creative, Deborah!xx

  3. what an ingenious idea to use the ball for the pollen! and i love the spring feeling, bright as summer actually... bravo!!!


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