Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Penny for Your Thoughts

I was playing today. I've developed a recent fascination for wallpaper, which in this picture I created in Adobe Illustrator and imported to Photoshop.

Click image to enlarge.
The mirror was created in Photoshop, when I was playing with the possibility of creating a frame from scratch. The clock is also a digital creation. The rest of the elements are from photos. I had fun with this one. I think I might do more similar pictures.


  1. Great wallpaper! Love the result of your play which I can appreciate so much more now I've read some of how you make these images. The reflections in the mirror are so clever and I like the addition of the lizard.

  2. A super job of suspended animation, Deborah. What will happen next, on wonders...xx

  3. Wow, great image, love the wallpaper and the created mirror!

  4. Wonderful collage with the different papers.

  5. wow! i had no idea you were creating in illustrator and not scanning/ downloading clips. very nice! must open up so many more opportunities to work with illustrator. i've never used it...huge learning curve I'm assuming.

    1. Beth, mostly I am still using my own photos and scanning old personal photos. The challenge I placed upon myself is that the images should be 100% mine. I haven't yet decided if this is pride, or paranoia about infringing on someone else's copyright. Illustrator does indeed open lots of new opportunities, and it does have a steep learning curve. I'd recommend finding step-by-step tutorials on specific things. I recently created a clock face from an internet tutorial, which was so handy because none of my clocks in the house fit the styles I want.

      I should add that I did work for a few years as a graphic artist, and learned about creating vector graphics on-the-job in Macromedia Freehand.


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