Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tropical Storm

We were in the bulls-eye of Isaac for longer than we were comfortable, but decided to drive out to the beach to have a look at the waves. It was so windy, humid and laden with salt spray that my camera coughed, choked and then completely froze up. The pictures were terrible because I couldn't keep the lens clean. The power of a hurricane is tremendous, and I was continually being sand-blasted and pushed around. Our beaches are normally sparkling white, but there was this ugly brown sea-foam everywhere.

This is a very enhanced photo I had managed to take before my camera gave up on me. As an artist, I had to pull out some of the colors I had seen.

Click image to enlarge.
Amazingly, after my Canon Rebel quit, my iPhone was happy to help me take some more shots from the pier. I'll have to post some of those later.

We're in NW Florida, and were happy when Isaac decided to move on westward. Gotta love life in Hurricane Alley...

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