Monday, July 9, 2012

Birds of a Feather

I got a little bit ahead of myself on this one, as the challenge hasn't started yet, but I'd seen at the Three Muses blog. It was actually a sneak preview for the upcoming challenge, but I ran with the idea and created the picture below. I don't participate in all challenges, as sometimes I just can't seem to get the right ideas, or sometimes I start and the whole thing falls flat, and I abandon it. Anyhow, I hope I can remember to link it when their next challenge is finally announced.

Click image to enlarge.
I was just about to explain the picture, but decided that it's always best if the viewer draws his/her own conclusions.

All the elements are from my photos, including the cooperative mockingbirds. (Actually, it's only two birds.)


  1. This is fantastic Deborah. A great mix of photos! xx

  2. As always, Deborah, so very original and clever.

  3. Terrific art piece! Love the addition of the hands with the feathers. Unique and beautifully presented.

  4. Kinda funky kinda the crystal ball...great job!

  5. Why explain? The best thing about a picture such as this is that it sends us all into our own imaginations and different directions. I love the magnifying bubble and the surreal and whimsical take on the theme. Wonderful work!!

  6. This is such fun, Deborah. It has a lovely surreal "flavor", and surreal needs no explanation. It just is in the eye of the artist at the moment. Thanks for sharing this flight of fantasy with us!!

  7. No explanation needed, Deborah, it's just so nice to find the story we ourselves interpret. Wonderful piece and gorgeous source photos.

  8. This is intriguing.Great work and I love those mockingbirds.

  9. I scrolled a moment through your blog as well to watch more art.
    It was a pleasure to see the hands included in many pieces. So unique too and that's exactly what I always like !!
    Great work Deborah !
    greetings from the Netherlands,


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