Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anywhere But Here

The Sepia Challenge at Sunday Postcard Art caught my eye today. Their criteria is that it must be 4x6 inches, and the original actually is that size, but I do like to resize for the web. The aspect ratio is still the same. I had to throw a little color in there.
Click image to enlarge.
This turned out to be a postcard within a postcard within a postcard. Have you ever wanted to be somewhere else? The little sepia postcard in the middle is where I'd love to be. The postcard with the beach scene is where I am. All you inland and cold-climate folk are probably wondering why someone living in a warm climate with snow-white beaches would want to be elsewhere, but I truly prefer to be in the mountains and gladly trade in the snow-white beaches for some real snow.


  1. Such a brilliant idea - and beautifully created, Deborah. Fantastic!

  2. I love your art it's beauty with a sense of humor...awesome job Deborah!

  3. Great idea. I'd like to be somewhere else, somewhere where its not raining all the time!

  4. Really cool, Deborah! I would love to be in Whitby or Redcar right now. Summoning my magic carpet...


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