Monday, February 18, 2013

Something to Crow About

This is for the Blackbird challenge at Take a Word. Okay, I do know that a crow is not a blackbird, but it is a black bird--and we do have lots of crows around here.
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  1. Thank you so mo for your kind and lovely words on my blog regarding my art creations.
    I love your blackbird creation. I like how you integrated the night and day in the moon-like portals or orbs with the dusk or dawn sky in the background. I love the entire feel of your beautiful creation. Very lovely!

    1. Thanks!! It's a little difficult to explain, as I do a lot of tweaking. I made two copies of the sunset, and altered the colors, mostly in the Hue & Saturation until I was satisfied that one of them resembled day and one night. I took a photo of a clear marble that I made semi-transparent (and completely transparent in the middle) and placed a copy over the two areas, then trimmed away the parts of the sky that I didn't need. The colors of that sunset were so vivid that is wasn't an easy job to turn them into day and night. Turning a day scene into night is much easier.

  2. Love this..visually potent..intriguing...magical!! fabulous!!

  3. This is really eye-catching, Deborah. Beautifully done. (There used to be crows near my home when I was a child. I loved to hear their morning conversations. They are the most fascinating birds!)

  4. i love the bubbles you created around them!
    congrats to your publication! i will look forward to it!

  5. Black is black and this is really well done. Such depth!

  6. Your slightly surreal artwork is always intriguing and creative. This one is no different. Congrats for the publication.

  7. That so original - I'm fascinated by what you've done here.

  8. It really worths to be enlarged!
    Bravo for this beautiful artwork! :)


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