Friday, September 7, 2012

Hey Teacher, Leave Us Kids Alone!

This is for the School Days challenge at Three Muses.
Click here to enlarge.
Children are natural free spirits and much wiser than the adults they eventually become.

Deb's Note: I only noticed, after I posted, a terrible typo which must have occurred when I was in the throes of creativity and had gone a bit dyslexic. I was going to fix it, but decided that this was my inner child struggling with sentence structure.


  1. I like the pencil bars on the window. I'm sure some children feel that way. Very creative interpretation of this week's challenge. Thank you for joining us at Three Muses!

  2. Just absolutely love this, typo and all! Plus the lyrics to one of my fave Pink Floyd songs is icing on the cake! Wonderful work!

  3. Love it! It's important to remember that sometimes some schools are more like prisons than a place where kids not only learn, but are taught to think, to question, to create.

  4. Superb take on the theme, Deborah, I'm loving those pencil 'bars' ... and the iffy sentence structure too.

  5. a beautiful creation, i like the bars!

  6. A wonderful insightful piece- pencils all in a row very sharp waiting.... almost a bit like prison bars though too- I have mixed memories of school both good and this entry Deborah!


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