Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wasp or Bee?

I have been keeping dream journals for over fifteen years. I interpret my own dreams in my own way, although for the most part I just jot them down and move on. Some dreams just stick with you. I had a dream recently that involved a swarm that I was afraid of because I thought they were wasps. (This is just part of a really long dream, of course.) I soon realized that what I thought were wasps were actually bees, so I wasn't frightened. When I woke up and pondered this vivid dream, I realized that there was a message in it for me.
Because I am intimidated by wasps, I had a really blurry picture to work with to include the wasp. It was from one summer when they were invading our porch, and we kept trying to convince them to move on. They kept nesting in these big balls of wasps, which were fascinating and scary, so I took a few shots. Lucky for me I have a telephoto lens.

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