Thursday, March 29, 2012

Window, Cat and Lizard

I'm just coming out of a phase where I couldn't seem to gather up enough steam to finish a piece of art, and sometimes it was even hard to start a project. Sometimes we just lose our mojo. I happened to pick up a copy of a magazine that featured digital collages, and I suddenly became inspired. I'd been wanting to play around with collage, but I had this gnawing feeling that as soon as I glued something down, I'd wished I'd put it somewhere else. Ah, the magic of computers.

So, I am really having fun with this. I have an old Tiger-powered Mac that is choking on the large files, and I have Adobe's CS2 suite to work with. Mostly, I'm in Photoshop. I have photos galore in the form of old family photos, slides from the seventies, digital pictures on my computer, and my trusty Canon for instant gratification. I also have my iPhone that I take on my walks. My challenge right now is to use only my own original images.

The cat peering over the building is my late kitty Kosmo. The lady in the window is my Great-Aunt Nell, taken from a family photo.

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